Tourism Academia and Sector

Call for paper;

Journal of Tourism Intelligence and Smartness

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Knowledge Economy and Smart Destinations
  • ICTs Adoption for Regional Development, Sustainability and Tourism Experience
  • Emerging technologies, Mobile Services, Gaming, Gamification and Augmented Reality
  • Location-based Services, Internet-of-Things and Smart Cities
  • Competitiveness, corporate social responsibility, service excellence and service quality
  • Social media, Social Networking and ICTs for Partnership and Collaboration
  • Human resources management and strategic leadership development
  • Innovation, creativity and change management
  • Smart region technologies and Open Innovation
  • Internet of Thing, Bid Data, Analytics
  • Digital and Smart Living
  • Smart Territories – Comparative City-coastal/mountain Regions
  • Smart Transformations: Innovation, Transition, Governance, Resilience,Change
  • Smart Cities and smart tourism
  • Digital Social Innovation
  • Social Capital & Social Entrepreneurship
  • Smart region and smart tourism Strategy & Governance
  • Smart Tourism, Smart Travel, Smart hospitality
  • Smart Local Governance, Citizen Participation & Communitarian Development
  • Smart and Future everything